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Rights of Women - From Report to Court

From Report to Court has been written to provide information and support to people who have experienced sexual violence, as well as to their families, friends and the organisations that support them. It explains the different stages of the legal process, from the point of deciding whether or not to report the incident to the police, through to the trial, verdict and sentence. From Report to Court also sets out the relevant law and the obligations the different agencies in the criminal justice system have to survivors of sexual violence.

This is a fantastic guide to the legal procedures of taking a sexual violence case to court in the UK

TW: Graphic Sexual Assault and Male Violence Against Women

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Tell the police to keep their promise to survivors, and investigate my case.


So this petition is super fucking important and you should all sign it:

I am a survivor of sexual violence, fighting for justice.

In January 2014 I found the courage to go to the police, but a week after I’d given my statement, the Thames Valley Police told me they were dropping my case without even doing an investigation.

Why? Because I was in a relationship with my attacker at the time, and I panicked and went into shock rather than fighting back, they said a jury would not believe that I hadn’t consented. 

The Thames Valley Police’s own website promises to investigate all reports of domestic violence. So why aren’t they?

This is particularly scary since the Home Office Statistics show that 56% of rapes are by a current partner, and freezing in response to rape is extremely common, involuntary and devastating (Marx, Forsyth & Lexington, 2005). 

 Join me. Sign the petition. Share my story, and tell me yours. Tell the police to keep their promise to survivors, and investigate my case.

So many cases are silenced, but not this time. 
Rape is a crime, and justice is our right.

More information will be on a WordPress HERE

And on Twitter HERE

Please please sign this, it will directly benefit the lived experience of the person involved and it only takes two seconds

EDIT: I realise the way this reads suggests that I’m the survivor and I should point out that I’m not

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Next Monday we have two great events on!!

First of all it’s the Elections for WomCam Comittee/Consent Workshop Workshop

Then it’s WomJam: A Vindication of the Right to BOOGIE at Babylove

Open Letter From Over 100 Oxford Students And Alumni

(Originally published on the Feminist Philosophers Blog)

Tw for discussion of harassment and suicide

Below is the text of an open letter sent today.

For the full letter, including all addressees and signatories, click here

We the undersigned are writing to express concern and dismay at the findings of the inquest into the tragic death of Charlotte Coursier. It is now known that allegations of harassment were reported to the University and police in May 2013, and that the police issued a warning under the Harassment Act. It is also known that the University has since conducted a review which concluded in October. Charlotte’s alleged harasser, Dr Jeffrey Ketland, remains an employee of the University, and has had institutionally mediated contact with students since the University began its review.

Our concerns are twofold. We worry about the lack of information communicated to students. We further worry about the decision to keep Dr Ketland in institutionally mediated contact with students after the review began.

We understand that those conducting the review must avoid being prejudicial. We also accept that privacy and due process must be respected. But the lack of comment has created a difficult atmosphere in the Philosophy Faculty. Some students now fear that harassment charges are not taken seriously. Others were upset to only learn of the situation in the national press. We understand that University staff are contractually obliged to abide by University policy and British law (“codes”). But if the relevant codes could be reformed to allow for more openness, we urge that the appropriate reforms are made.

Secondly, it is strongly in the interests of students not to be placed at undue risk of harassment. It seems to us that when harassment allegations are made against a member of staff, the University should limit their institutionally mediated contact with students whilst a review occurs. We think that this is required by the University’s duty of care towards its students. We understand that this duty could have been met by the University codes of practice, which allow for suspending staff with pay during a review process. We refer to University Statute XII: Part D, 19 (4) and section 8.2 of the Staff handbook (Academic-related staff). Yet after the review began, Dr Ketland continued to have institutionally mediated contact with students. In future reviews of harassment allegations, we strongly urge the swift adoption of such a suspension policy.

Hey everyone!
if you’d like to write a piece for this term’s WomCam zine, you can now submit work until MIDDAY ON FRIDAY OF 6TH WEEK (28th February) - any and all kinds of submission are welcome and we’d love to hear from you. 

this term’s theme is “The F Word” so we’re looking for written pieces which focus on ideas related to the biggest “F” word of them all - ‘feminism’ - which also begin with the letter ‘f’. So far, we’ve had work as diverse as ‘F is for Food’, ‘F is for Fault’ and ‘F is for Found poem’, and we would be super excited to add your ideas to what is looking set to be a great project, which will be distributed amongst all Oxford JCRs.

if you’d like to submit, please email your pieces to by Friday of 6th Week at midday! 
peace, luv and grrrl power, 
WomCam zine HQ

™€LGBTQIA History Month Talk | Facebook

This week we are celebrating LGBTQIA History Month with two amazing speakers that have come from all over the country just for us (squeals)!

She is the Professor of Cultural History and Sexuality Studies at the University of Manchester - she’ll be talking on her recently completed paper entitled “On the Entanglements of Queer Memory and History: The Case of Alan Turing”

Didi Rossi and Ariane Sacco will be giving a short history of their group, who describe themselves as a:
"Grassroots, multi-racial, lesbian, bi, trans, queer women’s group campaigning for our economic, legal and human rights; for payment for caring work, taking the money away from military budgets (over one trillion a year) for the essentials of life, and so that women everywhere can afford to make the sexual and other choices we want. We make visible lbtq women’s caring and survival work for our families and communities, which is often hidden because we can’t be out."

As usual everyone is welcome, regardless of gender/identification as feminist/sexual orientation/favourite brand of tea (the right answer is green though), and it would be great to see as many people there as possible!

Also don’t forget to send in your submissions for the zine to The theme for this term is ♀”THE F WORD”♀.

Gender and Science

This is a really cool blog about *suprise* Gender and Science. At Oxford (as most universities) there’s a huge problem with academic attrition, gender paygaps, and a general air of misogyny in the science departments and this sort of thing really helps to educate people on how ridiculous it is.  

Here at OU we have the wonderful people at OxFest who work with self-identified women in STEM fields and have their symposium on the 27th of this month which you should all go along to! 

It Happens Here and WomCam make Feminist Valentine's Day Cards | Facebook

Come down to the Okinaga Room of Wadham at 7.00 for an evening of feminist Valentine’s Day card making! 

This event will be with the wonderful folks at the It Happens Here Campaign who will be making specifically anti-violence cards but if that’s not what you want to do, all witty puns will be accepted. We’ll also be writing thank you cards to local rape crisis services. 

This is a part of It Happens Here's Anti-Violence Valentine's Week. Find out more here!

As always absolutely everyone is welcome and it should be a great evening!

Quick shout out for anybody who wants to write for the zine, you can email with any submissions, ideas for design etc. The theme for this term is ♀”THE F WORD”♀.

Week Three WomCam- Feminism and the Political Spectrum | Facebook

This is tonight!

Come along to the Okinaga Room of Wadham College at 7pm.

★☆****WomCam is recruiting zinesters for our Hilary 2014 issue, and we need you!****☆★

This term’s theme is ♀”THE F WORD”♀. We’re looking for writing of any kind - fiction///essays///informative articles///creative non-fiction///haiku - centred around themes beginning with the letter “F”, relating to our favourite “F” word of them all, “FEMINISM” (some ideas to get you thinking: “fat” or “frigid” or “fuck” or “fabulous”). Written contributions can be as serious or as lighthearted as you wish, may be published anonymously if you’d rather, and ideally we’d like them to to be ***500-600 words or under***. 
As always, we’re also looking for individuals to join the ✧✧DESIGN TEAM✧✧ for what we hope is going to be a really fun, cool looking project. 
The deadline for expressing interest in being part of the design team is Wednesday of 3rd Week (5th February), and for written submissions it’s Wednesday of 5th Week (19th February). 
If you’d like to submit your work or be involved with the design team, please with a short message. 
Pe4cE, LuV and GrrrL P0W3R!
WomCam Zine HQ xoxoxo

Tonight we’re having a film screening of the classic Bergman film Persona! Come along at 7pm to the Okinaga room of Wadham. Afterwards we’ll be heading to the Kings Arms for a chat about the films relationship to feminism

Submission box now open!

We’re looking for wonderful people to write short opinion pieces on feminism; they can be on popular culture, theory, or anything else you think that other folks would like to hear about. They can be any length you want, and if you would like them to remain anonymous just put a note at the end. There will be more on this at next weeks monday meeting (which will be a film screening by the way - more on that later). 
The comments box is for any suggestions about the way we organise WomCam, as well as ideas for future events (it has an anonymous button).

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